Cavity Walls

Our homes protect us from the worst weathers the UK has to throw at us from the rain and the icy conditions but all this weather causes issues for our exterior brickwork which, the end result presents us with gaps and cracks in our brickwork. This can take a toll on our cavity wall installation with water gathering in the cavity. A cavity wall insulation’s purpose is to limit the air flow whilst increasing the thermal value. Once the cavity wall becomes wet, it's essentially impossible to dry out due to the lack of air flow which in turn, will result in damp within the home as well as efflorescence.

Cavity wall extraction may be required for a range of reasons not solely down to the weather, other issues which may cause your cavity walls to become inefficient could be due to flooding or a burst water pipe, defective wall tiles, inefficient exterior rendering, incorrect installation of installed insulation, dirty cavities due to initial construction and more.

The cavity wall extraction begins by blowing compressed air into the cavity all the while an industrial vacuum collects the once installed cavity insulation. This begins at the bottom of the property working our way up the house to remove all the remains. Once this is complete, we check with a borescope to ensure the process is completed to a high standard. Once the extraction is complete, we take away and dispose of the extraction.

Once the extraction is complete, we’d install our own cavity insulation beginning just below window sill height working our way up the property. We drill holes roughly 22mm – 25mm in diameter 1.35m apart one another to ensure the insulation is thorough. We ensure the insulation is tightly packed within the property to limit the issues we mentioned earlier.

We perform these following the government's standards as well as industry standards to ensure the best job is complete. 


Funding is available with government grants allowing you to get the job fully or partially paid for. We can organise this funding on your behalf resulting in no paperwork for you to complete. We can get back to you the same day to let you know whether you’re entitled.