It's required to achieve an E on your EPC. Let's improve that.

Achieve an E on your EPC or face a fine

From April 2020, rented properties must achieve an E rated EPC or above. If this is not achieved, this could result in a fine of as much as £5,000. 


Our specialists here at Cosy Home Solutions know the best ways to improve an EPC assessment, these are



If you manage or own a property that does not achieve the required standard, you could insulate the property free of charge. 

If your tenant receives any of the following on this page, then you could utilise the ECO3 scheme to insulate the property and update your EPC certificate. 

The Process

Agents provide list

Provide a copy of all your property details 

We provide a site survey

One of our agents will visit each of the properties review the areas which need improving and organise insulation.

Provide updated EPC

We’ll reassess the property with the new ECO measures and provide an updated EPC rating.

We check the list

We check the details against the EPC register and other databases to verify the properties which are eligible and would need to be improved. 

Install ECO Insulation

Our fitters will come to provide all ECO install measures previously agreed.

Agents will receive £150 referral commission per install

Once the properties have been given an updated EPC and we’ve verified this, we’ll provide agents with £150 per property install.

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