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Can an EPC report really benefit your home?

EPCs are everywhere these days from your washing machine, your fridge and even homes but can what's the point of them anyways and how can they really benefit you and lastly, how much can they actually benefit your home.

First off, an EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate. It was introduced by the European Union and was implemented in the UK back in 2007 for properties of four or more bedrooms. This was later dropped and in turn, ended up being applied to all homes.

Currently, if you buy, rent or sell a home, you need an EPC for your home. In a nutshell, an EPC gives you an overview of the energy efficiency of buildings.

How is an EPC performed?

An EPC begins with an energy survey being created by an assessor who visits the property and examines essential areas such as the boiler, radiators, loft insulation, the hot water tank, windows and more. The assessor pops these details into their system which calculates the energy efficiency. This, in turn, provides a number for the rating of the energy efficiency, the system also provides a recommended number for the potential for improvement. Similar figures are outputted for environmental impacts. As well as these values, a table for estimated energy bills per annum is also outputted. These are not in reference to the current bills which a homeowner is paying although an assessor is able to override the assumptions if visual or written evidence is provided to support this.

The survey itself is non-invasive as the system will make assumptions about the insulation of the property as well as the various elements of the property based on age and construction type.

Once this has all be conducted, the values are placed on the A to G scale which is widely recognised, this is the scale which goes from red to green. The most efficient houses are rated A whilst the worst performers are rated G. The certificate uses the same scale to define the impact a home has on the environment.

The average property in the UK is between band D or E.

So how can the EPC benefit a property?

EPC's main objectives are to show how much energy you're using and recommendations on ways to improve a home's energy efficiency whilst saving you money. On top of this, it also provides more cost-effective options for each home to improve your rating. In effect, the overall report will show you potentially where you could be at after some cost-effective changes.

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