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The Truth About Room in the Roof Insulation - Part 1

Cosy Home Solutions are on a mission to show our services straight from our clients. We wanted to catch up with one of our clients, Laura Drinkald from Skegness who recently got her room in the roof insulated from Cosy Home Solutions.

I was surprised to how easy it all was, from initial contact to the final result, I’m dead impressed

Laura contacted us on our website after looking for better insulation for her room in the roof.

She’s been having issues with the temperature in her room in the roof with it being too cold during the winter as well as sweltering hot in the summer. This also goes alongside the fact her home was constantly cold majority of the year due to excess heat loss from the loft. She wanted to fix this once and for all.

We fell in love with our home over two years ago and never considered we’d need to insulate our room in the roof. Moving in during the summer, we didn’t realise our home was going to be so cold during the winter months especially the room in the roof which is uninhabitable during this time.
With our new addition to the family, we felt now’s the time to sort our insulation out whatever it takes.

Laura visited our website and read about the services we do (which you can check out here about our insulation in the room in the roof). When she called, we told her about our services as well as the funding she was entitled to. She was entitled to funding from the Eco Fund, specifically the CERO funding since she owned her own home, this also includes HHCRO since she was in receipt of benefits.

Finding out that I could get funding for my insulation which fully covered the cost of it was marvellous. For two years, I dealt with this difficulty and yet there was funding which was easily available. Unbelievable, this should be advertised more.

To make sure that she was fully entitled to the funding, we visited Laura to take a look at her room in the roof as well as to take a look at their current insulation. In this case, we noticed that there wasn’t any insulation in the room in the roof.

Surprisingly, most older homes don’t usually have insulation in the roof. Before regulations changed in 1994, rooms in the roof didn’t need insulation and therefore, were an afterthought for builders. Houses built after this must have insulation in their room in the roof.

After checking eligibility, we notified Laura about that she would be entitled to this insulation free of charge due to all of the funding covering the job. We talked her through the work which would be undertaken and answered any questions and queries she had.

We contacted Laura a couple of days later to let her know we have an available spot the week after visiting her house and whether this would suit her schedule.

“They were so accommodating when trying to find a date to fit around my schedule, I work part-time whilst looking after Jamie, our 9-month-old son. My partner works full-time so trying to find the time can be a problem.
They told me that they would need approximately half a day for insulation which fit perfectly with my diary.”

To be continued...