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The Truth About Room in the Roof Insulation - Part 2

(Continuation from previous post), if you haven't read part one, do check it out here.

During the insulation

On the day of insulation, we arrived and got to work. The first job was to cover the carpets with what’s called ‘Role N Stroll’, this is a protective layer which we place on top of carpets to protect them. We also use dustsheets to catch any mess or dust from the insulation.

We began removing the old plasterboard and generally remove any old insulation, in this case, Laura's room in the roof didn't have any insulation present.

With room in the roof insulation, there are 5 parts to the insulation which each need to be insulated separately. We install the loft insulation above the ceiling joists, this is installed with 300mm insulation. The overboard (sloping sections) are installed with 50mm plasterboard. The stud walls are installed with 150mm of insulation. We include access hatches for these areas making it as easy as possible to access in future. The floors just behind the stood walls are insulated with 300mm of insulation. We also add some insulation on top of the roof hatches to maximise the amount of insulation possible lessening heat loss.

During the insulation

When undertaking the work at hand, our work has a range of criterias which we need to achieve when completing the work. This is following the government regulations and standards. To achieve this, we take photographic evidence from beginning to end.

When we completed the job, we remove any excess insulation as well as any mess from the job.

“They were really tidy, I was shocked initially with how much insulation they took up to the roof, I didn't realise how much they needed. Towards the end of the job, I was expecting the excess insulation to just be left behind and I would have to dispose of it but I was impressed they removed this.
One thing I was worried about is with the installers going up and down my stairs, my carpets were going to be ruined. Once they began laying down the clingfilm type covering at the beginning of the job, I felt a sense of relief that they were one step ahead of me.
Looking at the final result of my room in the roof, it was left in a state where it was ready to decorate. Honestly, the end result was impressive, it was as if they were never there.”

To be continued...